Offering optimal environment for developing international financial experts The Japanese government has initiated a plan to reinforce Japan’s role as an international financial center. This effort is part of a broader strategy for strengthening the international competitiveness of Japan’s financial and capital markets. The plan includes measures to develop human resources in Japan who are well prepared for the increasing sophistication and globalization of financial services.
Seeking to do its part, Mitsubishi Estate is opening the FINE TOKYO center in Otemachi, Japan’s leading financial district. The new center, FINE TOKYO, is designed to provide the ideal environment for the growth and development of international financial professionals. Otemachi is located nearby Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station,in an area which the government has selected to spearhead the efforts to strengthen Japan's presence in international finance.
FINE TOKYO will bring together tenants and external educational organizations to provide a wide range of educational programs aimed at giving the employees in the district a broad expertise in finance. Gathering places will feature environments that encourage the kind of interaction that facilitates the acquisition of deeper knowledge about the global financial industry. Mitsubishi Estate is proud to bring the effort to enhance the international presence of Japan’s financial industry to Otemachi, home to many of the best and brightest financial institutions and companies in Japan.


January 2007 Establishment of the Study Group on the Internationalization of Japanese Financial and Capital Markets announced (Financial Services Agency of Japan)
December 2007 Plan for Strengthening the Competitiveness of Japan‘s Financial and Capital Markets announced (Financial Services Agency of Japan)
April 2008 Establishment of the Plan to Enhance Japan’s Role as an International Financial Center (Cabinet Secretariat). Plan selects the area adjacent to Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station to spearhead the efforts to strengthen Japan’s role as an international financial center.
March 2009 Plan for establishing a center for the training of financial employees in Japan is devised with the decision on urban planning related to the Otemachi district (changes in the special districts designated for urban revitalization).
October 2012 FINE TOKYO opens on the fifth floor of the Otemachi Financial City South Tower

Otemachi Financial City

Within the Marunouchi area, Japan’s foremost office district, the concentration of financial institutions is particularly high in Otemachi. FINE TOKYO is located in the Otemachi Financial City South Tower, which connects directly to the Otemachi subway station. This convenience makes the center easily accessible to seminar and training participants.
FINE TOKYO is divided into two functional “zones,” the Education and Interaction Zone, and the Tenant Zone, which houses the tenant companies and organizations who support it. The Education and Interaction Zone has a modifiable conference room layout that can be adapted flexibly to fit a wide range of program content. It also features a lounge with a relaxed atmosphere that invites further interaction after seminars and training sessions.

Tenant Zone

Space reserved exclusively for tenant companies who support the financial training.
The Tenant Zone is for the tenant companies and organizations that provide the training for developing financial experts. Comprised of seven compartments, the zone houses the tenant companies and organizations that develop the diverse educational programs offered at the Education and Interaction Zone.

Tenant Members

Education and Interaction Zone

Space for financial training programs and interaction.

Conference Rooms

Three conference rooms separated by sliding removable walls and two stand-alone conference rooms provide a flexible floor plan for diverse programs. Rooms can be used individually or in combination.


The tastefully arranged lounge has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it ideal for receptions and informal gatherings after seminars and training sessions, facilitating further interaction.


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  • Otemachi Park Building, 1-1, Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8133, Japan
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