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Capital Markets: Foundations for Long-term Growth in Emerging Countries

Dates Mon. June 3, 2013  Time 19:00 - 20:30
Targets CFA Society of Japan Members / Candidate Members / CFA Candidates / All others
Participants 49
Panelists Mr. Jingdong Hua, Vice President and Treasurer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Organizer CFA Society Japan


• Deep and efficient local capital markets underpin long-term economic growth.
• Sound macroeconomic policies, an enabling regulatory environment, stable interest rates and prices are all needed for domestic capital markets to be efficient
• Only vibrant domestic capital markets can create access to long-term, local-currency finance for the private sector—the key engine of job creation in emerging markets.
• Domestic capital markets are the most effective way to channel funds to key sectors such as infrastructure, and to help address global development challenges such as climate change.
• The development of such markets must be a top priority if countries are to achieve sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity.