Privacy Policy

The FINE TOKYO website (http://www.fine-tokyo.com/; hereafter “this site”) is operated and administered by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the company”).
This Privacy Policy establishes the policies and methods for collection and usage of customer personal information on this site. We ask that each user, when using this site, provide their personal information upon sufficient understanding of this Privacy Policy, and only in cases to which they consent.

Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

  • (1) We strive to protect information pertaining to individual customers (hereafter “personal information”) appropriately, by establishing rules regarding the handling of personal information and by establishing organized systems.
  • (2) When collecting personal information from customers, we do so within the range of necessity upon informing customers of the purpose of such collection, as well as concerning the customer contact desk of the company.
  • (3) In addition to using personal information within its stated purpose of collection, we will administer information by appropriate methods, never disclosing or providing it to any third party without customer authorization except in rare circumstances.
  • (4) Maintaining a proper and fully updated system to store customer personal information, we have taken measures to prevent the improper access, loss, damage, alteration or leakage of personal information.
  • (5) When consigning processing of personal information to outside parties, the company will appropriately administer such consignment by contractually prohibiting those parties from leaking or providing the information to other parties.
  • (6) The company will strictly administer personal information consigned to it by other parties, using the information within contractual limits.

Personal Information Changes

In the event that a customer wishes to confirm or correct their personal information, the company will expeditiously handle reasonable requests made through the customer contact desk.
In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations relating to the personal information in the possession of the company, the company will continually maintain and improve the above-mentioned efforts and protection activities.


Some part of this site use cookies in order to enable customers to use the site more comfortably; we have no intention of gathering information pertaining to the PC the customer is using or the customer’s personal information, nor do we actually gather the said information.

Customer Access Logs, History Information

This site records information pertaining to people who have accessed it in the form of access logs. Access logs include such information as the domain name, IP address, type of web browser used and time of access, but do not normally include information that can identify an individual. These access logs are utilized to analyze statistics related to site security and use status, but are not used for other purposes.

Handling of Personal Information in Services

  • (1) The company uses customer personal information only within the appropriate range necessary to provide the services the customer wishes to receive (further, when the purpose of use is clearly shown for each service, the company will use information according to that purpose). For example, the personal information obtained from customers by the company when receiving questions, requests, materials requests, surveys or campaign entries will be used to reply, contact or send presents to customers. It may also be counted in a manner that does not include personal information and then used for the company's business activities. However, personal information will never be disclosed to third parties without the customer’s permission.
  • (2) The company may pass personal information to affiliated businesses within the range of proper purpose of use.

Contact Information for Customer Inquiries Related to Personal Information

The handler and contact information for customer personal information or individual history inquiries is as follows. When receiving such contact, the company may confirm the identity of the person making an inquiry. We appreciate your prior understanding.

Personal information handler: Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

Contact information: FINE TOKYO

Security Policy

Internet security

In order to protect customer personal information during transmission to or from this site, this site uses SSL (an online encryption communication technology).

Database administration

This site administers personal information within the necessary range for its purpose of use in a proper and fully updated system. In addition, we have taken both technological and organizational measures for reasonable and strict safety to prevent loss, damage, alteration or leakage of personal information due to improper access. However, please be aware that in the event that personal information is leaked due to the following causes, this site cannot assume any resulting liability:
- When a customer voluntarily posts personal information in user comment forums or similar areas that can be accessed by anyone online
- When information is sent by e-mail or similar means from the customer
- When passwords or other personal information have been leaked from an individual or a terminal used by an individual


The copyrights associated with this site are the property of Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. and information providers. Unauthorized copying or republishing of the articles, images or other information on this site is prohibited.

Request Regarding Links

If you desire to link to this site, please make your request to FINE TOKYO and post the link only after receiving permission to do so. Depending on the link method or link source, we reserve the right to refuse links. We ask for your prior understanding.


Users of this site are assumed by their use to be in consent with site policies. As necessary, this site may change, revise, add to or delete the above site policies. We will make notice on the site in any such event. After the above changes have been announced on the site, we will assume that customers who continue to use the site thereafter have understood and confirmed the content of changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Use of this site and interpretations and applications of the Terms of Use shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding use of this site.

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